Danny Wünschel Thank you! I‘ve been adoring your music for years! Of course with the Music Road Pilots and the Danny Hendrix Band was one of the best performances I saw in Berlin! So I’m happy, that you like what I’m doing! Keep on doing that great work, guys!

Whiskey and you


I hear you think…Danny Hendriks? Does the name ring a bell? Probably, if you ever found yourself attending a country festival anywhere in Europe in let’s say the last decade. Here’s the cliff note version.

Hendriks started honing his craft and paying his dues as lead vocalist/guitarist in Dutch country acts Montana Blaze (1999/2005) The Meat And Potato Band (Yes, really..) (2006/2008) and most recently Music Road Pilots a.k.a MRP (2009/2018) before venturing out on his own early 2019.

At an undisclosed location in relative anonymity Hendriks selected a few tracks to record and send out to potential bookers (what in the biz is known as an EPK-Electronic Press Kit) but as luck would have it, he was convinced to release the tracks as a digital EP based on first reactions.

So here we are, the EP ‘MOVIN’ ON’ was made available to all major streaming services with the title track Movin’ On released to radio in April 2019.

Side-note: By demand a limited amount of hardcopies are available!

Meet The Band

Edu Nolten

Edu Nolten

Bass guitar player

A multi instrumentalist/songwriter that takes care of the low end.

Nik Reitsma

Nik Reitsma


The Benjamin in the band. The most funny guy on the planet.

Danny Hendriks

Danny Hendriks

Singer, guitarist, international recording artist, producer, audio engineer and songwriter

Music runs through my veins


[caption id="attachment_46" align="alignleft" width="284"] Danny Hendriks/ André Sommer[/caption]